Sunday, February 25, 2007

retail insanity

Working in a retail environment is never a good idea. It is like shopping all day long, then coming back the next day and shopping some more. You never knew you could want so many random things. Also the "employee discount" should be more accuratly called the "employee purchase ploy" because all it does (in Chicago at Nordstrom at least) is knock off the tax and a few more dollars. I'm on to you Nordstrom.

Here are two pairs of shoes I want now, both by the most beautiful shoe brand in the entire world farylrobin. I would have so so so so so many pairs if I could afford them, but sadly $120 is still over $100 with the employee discount. Not going to stop me though. Nobody can resist the allure of a farylrobin shoe, and if you can, you are insane.

Without further ado, here are the pairs of my (current) dreams...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


This is where I will be posting all my internetly things I love since I don't feel like printing them out and putting them into something else. Lazy is my mo.

We will start with a thing here and there to see just how this works, aka in which we comb Anthropologie for things that are cute because my computer won't open more than two pages at a time right now thank you AT&T.

Beanstalk Skirt
Cotton Poplin $128.00
Green + Applique = Love

Moss Grotto Skirt
Cotton Sateen $88.00
Ranibow color...mmmm.

Travel Sweater
Cotton/Nylon $78.00
Love the stripe matching and neckline, like little sleeves wrapping around your neck.

Rose Study Peasant Blouse
by Anna Sui
Silk $298.00
Uber cute little blouse with a
stellar print